Cancer man dating a sagittarius woman

05-Oct-2017 18:02

The difference in orientation can be unsettling for both, and lead to misunderstandings galore.

Cancer may think Sadge too superficial, and the Archer finds the heavy drama of the Crab to be a big drag.

Such person may seem quite aloof and lax, but is because he is constantly fluctuating between the dream and the reality.

If something irritates them, they will withdraw deeper into their shells. These people try to disguise their vulnerability with rather rough behaviour.

Be prepared for delays in negotiating with the institutions or authorities.

Venus (the principle of sensuality, love and aesthetics) trine Uranus (the principle of independence and originality)')" An encouraging influence for quick acquaintances or new impulses in the relationships (e.g. The humanity can currently understand and tolerate the avant-garde course in fashion, art and erotica.

He often lacks also the right balance and self-control. This person is one of those adventurers and truth-seekers. » Check it in the Sex Horoscope When is the best date for your wedding?

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Through the eyes of swift-moving Sagittarius, Cancer can seem a wet blanket, especially if the Crab attempts to hold on with those tenacious pincers. Sagittarius is a freedom-loving sort who is out to experience everything first hand. Cancer tends toward serial monogamy and is happiest in an emotionally committed set up.In a relationship, there's a built-in friction, given that Cancer desires domestic bliss and the Sagittarius spirit cannot be tamed.

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