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09-Aug-2017 04:14

If you have any athletic talent or even the slightest interest in physical fitness, then there are two hot spots that deserve your immediate attention, and I do mean IMMEDIATE: (a) co-ed martial arts classes — where ever-growing numbers of physically capable, self-confident, beautiful women are always to be found rolling around on a mat with girls and guys. She wasn’t expecting you to do what you just did, so her dating radar is down, she doesn’t have the time (or the reason) to feel threatened, the spontaneity will captivate her, she’ll open right up, and the sparks will begin to fly . If you can sustain an interesting, mutually-satisfying conversation for five minutes — an eternity when there’s no chemistry, an instant when there is — then it’s time to ask for her telephone number.

Try a beginner judo class and you’ll see what I mean.

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And it’s an obscene waste of time too because bars are already over-saturated with too many desperate men pursuing too many mediocre women.• Bear in mind that you don’t need your friends’ help when approaching a woman you like.Going to a bar with friends is fine, but don’t ask them to come over with you so it seems less awkward.In September and October, during the harvest, go shopping in a farmer’s market — especially if you’re into the Daisy Duke type. It’s best to skip over the basic biographical information and talk first about the place where you’ve just met, how does she like it, what else does she like to do, what is she into. ) Then let her know what you like, what you’re passionate about.

Monitor a female-friendly course at your local community college. You’re the man, so you should lead the conversation, gently avoid the too-hot-to-handle topics of religion and politics, and by all means let her talk, preferably about herself.

Perhaps you’ve always asked yourself why “he” got all the girls or why no women even take a glance at you.

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