Diablo 3 stuck at updating tools 0

25-Aug-2017 20:47

diablo 3 stuck at updating tools 0-19

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A better solution would be to find a program that remembers cpu affinity for processes and can set it on launch.

That way, all of your other, more thread-hungry, apps can enjoy the 32 cores, while Diablo gets by with just a few.

However, I did get it to work, and the trick is to “Set Affinity” on and give it something like 4 of the CPU cores.

Since processor affinity is inherited, running Diablo 3 from within Windows Explorer (aka your desktop) now works. Try testing on something more than a dual core Pentium D! and commented: In a rather interesting blog post today, Rick Brewster (the developer of Paint.

Hacking the thread affinity to Because it’s not ready yet.

I’m making some big bets on a new rendering and a completely new way to write code for the tools in order to enable fine-grained history.

In a last act of desperation before borrowing the DVD from a friend to try and load it that way, I had some Raymond Chen style psychic insight and thought it might be a multithreading bug.

I ended up writing a little utility that I tossed into Startup to do this for me.I think you’ll even like what happens to the Paint Bucket tool.But these things take a lot of time when there’s only 1 main developer.You will need two mice for this, your steelseries one, and another one to navigate while that is not usable (that is if you are fixing a mouse, if you are fixing a keyboard have two of those, ect.). Remove all steelseries software from the computer (Engine, firmware updater, ect.) Note: if you have both steelseries engine 3 and steelseries engine 2 (just called steelseries engine) just remove the one that pertains to what you are fixing 2.

Make sure there is no steelseries software running (task manager uninstall do this to all the old drivers), also uninstall your steelseries mouse/keyboard (I was able to tell my two mice apart because my spare had power saving settings, but the steelseries did not (as it was not fully functional), also, old mice will be grayed out, connected ones will not be) 4.That means Task Manager shows 32 tiny little performance graphs. NET really fast (lots of C /CLI these days), and is killer for working on all that multithreaded rendering code.

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