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25-Jul-2017 10:01

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Only unsystematic searchers.' Which brings us on to tip number three, addressing the fact that blind panic actually prevents us finding the lost item.

Before you start looking, you must make sure you are comfortable, calm and confident - the three Cs, as Solomon puts it.

Lost your car keys in that Bermuda Triangle between your front door and the table in the hall?

Can't find the plumber's number that you scribbled on a Post-It note by the phone before it vanished?

'But I don't want to give the impression that I have any particular magic, although people sometimes think that, when they come up to me and say: "I've lost this. " 'I usually can - it looks like a magic trick,' says Solomon.

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Well-heeled: Design studio Pop Chart Lab has released a new art print titled 'The Many Shoes of Carrie Bradshaw's Closet' featuring 50 hand-illustrated images of the Sex and the City star's most iconic heels The SJP line - which features pumps, booties, flats and T-straps - is also considerably more affordable than the four-figure designer shoes Carrie hoarded in the show, ranging in price from 5 to 5.'You may just have hung up your coat last night in the usual place or put the dictionary back on the shelf.' If they're not where they are supposed to be, lost objects might have suffered from what Solomon calls 'domestic drift'.

Fans aren't the only ones sending love and congrats Jonas and Turner's way, of course. After becoming friends on the set of Disney's at the time.… continue reading »

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Even though I was born and raised in this religion, that was my own awakening as to why this was a way of life for me [and I decided to commit myself to this faith].”What does that mean to you and your faith? I had to go through a process of that, too, because you’re immediately recognized as a Muslim if you’ve got your hijab on. “For the personality type that I have, the hijab was very simple way for me to maintain a balance and a center and a sort of discipline that I needed and that I don’t seem to find in a lot of other ways in this world. But the hijab is as simple as putting a T-shirt on.”“If you’re a conservative Muslim, your family gets you some men, you pick and choose what you want, and it’s done in a really quick turnaround period. And I don’t knock any sort of trajectory or pathway to finding love or getting married or having a marriage. It blows my mind to know that you can try this conservative approach, or this non-conservative approach…”But there’s no full-on “dating” that goes on in your community?… continue reading »

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Jess isn't too taken with the 'tacky' idea but soon finds herself participating in the mild debauchery.… continue reading »

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