Messianic dating

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[IN HEBREW, KIDDUSH.]With this cup we set this night aside, as different than all other nights.

(hold up one matzah)The MATZAH of HOPE is a new tradition added for Jews not free to worship, For them we set aside one matzah. [According to tradition, Israel was redeemed from Egypt because the women of that generation were considered to be more righteous than the men.

So, to begin the Seder, the woman of the household has the honor of lighting the festival lights.](Honored woman (Wife) will say the blessing [in Hebrew then English.])(LIGHT the CANDLES and read blessing and/or Numbers -26)(Woman's Lighting of candles)Baruch ata Adonai, El-o-hay-nu mel-ech ha-o-lam, She-sha-lach et bin-'e-cha y-'e-chid-'e-cha, Y'shua Ha-Ma-shi-ach, lih-'e-yot or ha-o-lam, v-'e-seh hap-pes-ach, she-lan-u l-'e-ma-an nich-'e-yeh biz-'e-chuto.

In a Jewish Home, Passover is a special time of preparing and celebrating.

The Mother cooks special foods, and brings out special plates and utensils.

Searching for Leaven Leaven in Scripture is almost always a symbol of sin or as the Rabbis say "the evil inclination". Sin of pride causes one to puff up, to think of themselves more highly than they are. What they mean is, sin is at the core of our nature.

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The children look forward to the Search for Leaven bread and the Seder Dinner.

If left out, no significance is lost.]) (Read in advance to choose optional text and readers of verses.) (Please add your own comments or change mine and edit to your taste.) (Bold type means the following paragraph is to be read, loudly, and a little bit hurriedly, [in Hebrew accent], This is part of the original HAGGADAH.) (Headings are not read.) (Remember to lean to left during the cups) (Many Haggadahs have other stories, poems, responsive readings and songs in them. Why are we, believers in Jesus, celebrating a Jewish holiday - Passover? Through prophecy, God foretelling the future, that we may believe Him!

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