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The visible symbols display and testify about what is unseen. That's why sexuality and sexual conduct are important. Through sex, a husband and wife affirm in the private realm what has taken place in the public and heavenly realm. The Lord wants you to cherish and value your sexuality as much as He does. He wants you to be so familiar with the awesome meaning of sex, that you will be able to spiritually discern when any thought or behavior contradicts or detracts from that meaning.

Are they utterly unrelated to what you yourself are?Understanding the theological reason for this amazing gift will help you honor it in the right way. "Sexuality may be a great gift for people who are married, but what about me? My sex drive is something I have to manage, not something I get to enjoy." It may surprise you that the Bible refers to both marriage and singleness as gifts (1 Corinthians 7:6–7).