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“We have now gone from fulfilling that transparency goal, which has its own value, to thinking more fully about open data in its role for creating better community outcomes,” he said.That means considering how a sister agency could use data or how community groups could use it to identify and solve problems in their own neighborhood.The public-facing version was launched in October 2016, and Meixell said her team is building up a constituency via good old-fashioned shoe leather.“I had my whole staff going around with community affairs teams to community meetings,” she said.“There are a lot of companies that would charge a lot of money to put this stuff together,” Meixell said.

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Burgh’s Eye View comes in two flavors, one that is public-facing and another for city departments with slightly different information.

A sweet trope in which a Jerkass develops a nicer attitude over time and becomes a genuinely pleasant person (or, at worst, a Jerk with a Heart of Gold). This trope also covers situations where a character with a Hidden Heart of Gold or a Jerkass Faade feels safe enough to show his gentler side (in the presence of the main characters, anyway). Compare to Defrosting Ice Queen, which focuses on a specific Love Interest bringing an unfriendly character out of her shell.

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took an in-depth look at five interactive sites that give both government agencies and their constituents fresh views of their data.

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We also interviewed the developers about the thinking behind their creation.“If a neighborhood association held a meeting, we would show up and request 15 minutes to give a presentation.