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03-Sep-2017 00:27

Imagine buying a CD player that refused to play CDs after a certain date.It's unbelievable :( I've been in touch with Cyber Link as well as the UK's consumer advice service, and it appears there's nothing I can do.The page it takes you offers you BOTH paid Upgrade options as well as any free updates that are available for your version (in your case 10).I also had version 10 and could not play the newer discs.Cyberlink are knowingly selling software which will become useless after two years of use, but technically they can claim that two years is a long enough time for their software to work properly.In my case, I only had 17 months worth of use from it, but that still doesn't change anything -- as unreasonable as their behaviour is, it's not illegal.and then requires you to just to play the latest movies.Normal hardware Blu-ray units offer free indefinite updates. Rather than give Cyber Link more of my money for another version of their software, when I all I want is just the standard AACS security keys to be updated (like they are with every other Blu-ray player), I've purchased Sly Soft's Any DVD HD.

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The listing is based on a database snapshot of 12 March 2010.

In my case, this means that many Blurays produced after May 2011 no longer work with my player.

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