Vfp nolock when updating sql

31-Aug-2017 00:26

--- Please immediately let us know (by phone or return email) if (a) this email contains a virus (b) you are not the intended recipient (c) you consider this email to be spam.We have done our utmost to make sure that none of the above are applicable. Version: 6.0.693 / Virus Database: 454 - Release Date: 31/05/2004 Access is not dead or dying.MS are happily working on the next version of Access.Program Managers have been occasionally spotted over in the microsoft.public.access.* newsgroups asking what features folks would like.I definitely can not give you an answer for that, but I also like to know the answer.

In most cases, it involved creating an appropriate index, or changing a table-valued function call to an equivalent inline TVF call, or just correcting the predicates in the WHERE clause to make it more SARGable.

Sometimes, you just want to treat your database file like a document, and you don't want to have to worry about another middle-layer process that has to be installed properly, and running before Access can use it.

I see no evidence that JET is going away, though MS occasionally makes noises about doing away with the older DAO API to connect to JET.

It was something like this query in Adventure Works:/*Order ID Order Date Territory Name Card Type Card Number Card Expire Total Due------- ---------- --------------- ------------- -------------- ---------- --------- 43728 2001-07-09 Southwest Distinguish 55553397232060 03/2007 3953.9884 43729 2001-07-09 United Kingdom Colonial Voice 77771647096870 03/2006 3756.989 43730 2001-07-09 Southwest Distinguish 55552313505236 09/2007 3756.989 43731 2001-07-09 Australia Vista 11114001441348 11/2006 3953.9884 43732 2001-07-09 Australia Distinguish 55557723662910 11/2007 3729.364 43733 2001-07-09 Northwest Superior Card 33338859457470 04/2008 3953.9884*/ That particular query produces this (actual) execution plan (click on the plan to see the full-size image in a new window): The optimizer decided to approach this by doing a Merge Join between the Credit Card table (which has 19118 rows) and the result of a Join of the Territory and the Sales Order Header tables.

Note that it had to SORT the Territory/Sales Order Header data by Credit Card ID so that it could do that Merge Join.

But there were a couple times when I could eke out even more performance by doing a little something extra.

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